domenica 8 dicembre 2013

Gnomi Armati di Ascia

I can't wait, seriously, I CAN'T wait to see Frozen, the new movie from Disney.
Yesterday i watched for the zillion time Rapunzel just to kill time before it'll come to cinemas.
Even if I know, actually, how it ends, I cry like an idiot all the times XD
But this is another story...

What I wanted to write in this post and what I wanted you to know is that me and 3 friends of mine are creating a group called "Gnomi armati di ascia" ( in english: "gnomes armed with ax", but it doesn't really makes sense in another language, if you haven't seen the video where it came from: video )
I don't feel very well today, so I'm apologizing if I made more errors in grammar or spelling than I usually do.

So this is a little preview of the drawing unfinished I'm doing for the group :)

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