mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Christmas & madness!

Hiiiiiii guys!
It's almost Christmas! Soooo I decided to drawing something yesterday that we had less work than ever, we spent the entire day watching ourselves in the eyeballs.
( I should not complain, days like yesterday are sooo rare)
I suddenly realized one weird thing: when I'm inspired I made drawings that I actually like, but this comes two/three times in a year maximum, and I don't really know how exactly they come from my hand, it's kinda "one shot one kill" I mean.. immediate and spontaneous.
It's like I'm on drugs for the entire time of the drawing and when I finished it I can't remember how I did it. ( i know it sounds weird, I feel like that mad artist in the "Heroes" tv series)
So, well, I'm not mad and not even on drugs but it's so strange, I don't know how to explain it anyway.
(maybe I'm possessed by an alien force that
bends me to his will, and he want me to draw, or probably I'm mad. who knows!)

So less talk, more drawings.
Here it is, in all her sadness, the Christmas illustration!

On my Behance you can find more! :D

Best wishes! :)

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