domenica 18 maggio 2014

60 years

60 it's a big deal.
About...let me think...maybe eight years ago, I guess, my mother started writing a book about her youth and her life so far.
It was very funny and hilarious, as is my mother.
She put it down on paper and asked me to write it on a word document.
She never finished the book but I kept the file in my hard disk thinking "maybe one day she will have the time to complete her manuscript".
That day never came.
So I thought that would be a great birthday gift to make some illustrations here and there, give some kind of a cute graphic impagination and print it leaving blank all the pages after the last chapter.

Do you think she will understand the message?
I hope so :)

domenica 4 maggio 2014

Foxes and Gnomes

Hello everyone!
heh, I can't believe we are almost at the middle of this year, it's been so full of events, projects and work that to me it's only yesterday that I was celebrating uncorking champagne and yelling random words in spanish on the streets of Barcelona.
I have reason to believe that this is just the beginning.
So, here it is some improvements regarding the foxes projects I was on, here the sketches.
I'm so proud of this tiny foxes, I don't know really why, I get excited by cute little (and almost useless) things. <3

 And here the food blog these illustrations are meant to.


With Gnomi Armati di Ascia we are attending many Fantasy book festivals to let our name known and get useful contacts here and there and also to try to sell something made by us.
It's a real tour! XD

Yesterday we was in this beautiful windy paradise.
Sometimes "work" isn't that bad. :)

I'm also working on a new header for this blog, an illustrated one. I wanted something more personal and cute :)