venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Post-holidays respawn

Here I am again!
It's been a while eh? haha with the Christmas holidays excuse I've taken a little time just for myself...and food.
I think I've ate so much I can roll down to a cliff if you put me on the top of it and disappear somewhere far far away in the nowhere just rolling super fast and yelling "give me moooooore, granny! give me more sweeeeties and chocolate and just foooooood!"

But besides that and a little damaged liver, I feel good and ready to a new start.
This year I forgot to think at new year's resolutions, I don't know why, maybe I feel good now and the only thing I have to do is self-improvement, as much as possible. And this is possible just keep going the way I'm going. So nothing new for now.

oh and because of my lazyness I've nothing to post here :D
don't make me feel sorry for that. I've literally searched for something not crappy I've recently drew but, no shit happened.
thank you bye bye :)

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