martedì 1 aprile 2014

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Today I was inspired and I sketched 5 tiny blue foxes, that I actually like. WOW!
I planned to make stickers out of this drawings some day, somehow.
Today the package of my pads teached me that premestrual syndrome may bring a very positive bursts of creative energy to you before a period.
Totally insane amount of crap appeared today on my sketchbook: explained.

...and today, for the few lucky ones that follows my many adventures, I'm about to introduce...the shopping tips of the week! yeeeah!

Say "hi!" to this oh-too-cute-to-exist lunch box.
It was gave to me by this cute girl after her lastest travel to London <3 Giulia (<--take a look at her
But you can buy it here if you want it too ;)

~ Mu

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