mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

Gnomes and contest

I'm so glad to be back to my real job, my knees are feeling a little better yet.
Or at least I can feel them again.
In the end I can state the results of this video-recipe's experience are:
- loss of both legs
- improved skills for a future job as a perfect desperate housewife
- + 2 kg

not bad.

But on the bright side of the moon the are two things that I'm really proud of.
The first is this project I have with three friends of mine: Gnomi armati di ascia i.e. our brand new group-blog.
And the second is that together we are partecipating at the CostaBrava comic contest and I'm colouring the beautiful drawings  the other talentuous gnomes made.
By the way I should be coloring right now, because I'm fucking late, don't you tell me.

Oh! And I finally managed to watch Veronica Mars the movie...I...I can't tell I liked it, really sucks but I used to watch the show and I love Veronica so much that I can't help it to be excited the entire duration of the movie. As soon as possible I would like to make my own fan art about her, I already have a bunch of ideas!
So, stay tuned!

BYE! ~ <3

CAUTION: Gnomes at work.

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