giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Food blog

Recently I've been working on so many different projects I've just lost's's all happening NOW and seems that the less I sleep the more I get something to work on.
For example, I think that nothing I've just wrote makes any sense.
BTW, there is something that tickles my creative thoughts...besides Eric Christian Olsen, in this last few days, i.e. some illustration I volunteered me to do ( it self sabotage from within we have here?) for a friend that would like to open a really cute vegan food blog.
She's so nice I can't wait to see the results of my illustration and her beautiful shoots together.

I took ispiration from about everywhere for this project because I'm not quite "competent" about food, I mean, I just do some cake or sweetie-sweet sometimes, but I want to make my best.
Check the amazing work of Maëlle & Marie , I just LOVE them.

That's it, meanwhile the recipes work's going on, I hope to learn something more about cooking :)

here is a little sketch I did for her.
See you soon with this amazing collaboration, I hope ;)


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