martedì 25 febbraio 2014


Hi everybody,
recently I've been on a complete different project at work, regarding the world of food and recipes.
i.e. I have to cook like there's no tomorrow and my hands are recorded by a camera standing above my head as I follow various recipes step by step.
insane? yes.
Am I a cook? no.
I know at least how to cook? nope.
why me? idk. (if you know, do tell me, please!)
Am I stinky like a dead animal on the side of a road, when I come home? of course.
No one would take a sit beside me on the bus? yep.
funny? yes, more than standing all day in front of a monitor.

but the very question is, am i going to weigh 200 kg? DEFINITELY YEP.

besides that I am more likely to draw when I come home, also because I quit work earlier.
So I did this two caricatures of two colleagues of mine, I planned to draw them all, but we all know too well my lazyness, do we?

have a nice day/night :)

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