venerdì 4 ottobre 2013


The vampires made their time, now the new generations of young teenager girls drools for zombies.

now, whatthefuck?

I mean, they're always been cool and stuff, but, can they possibly be sexy? I don't think, but, well it seems that hollywood has been successful even this time.

or maybe not.
( actually this movie isn't bad as expected, it doesn't take itself too seriously and made me laugh)
But, who am I to not follow the flow and be like " woah I always liked zombies! more than sparkling vampires!"
Obviously I'm talking about Paranorman, an absolutely masterpiece, I loved it. ( I also got the artbook, amazing, I recommend it)

And here it is, as punctual as a Swiss clock, a sketch of a zombie, but, he's not a normal zombie, wait, what? is a candy! oh yes, you got it, Candy Crush smashed into my life and now I'm seriously addicted. help.

Me and a friend of mine want to make a mini-game out of this concept, maybe an app, we will see.
I thought we can call it Candy Rush ( or Rash maybe ahah), just to not infringe any copyright license XD

here a vintage version of the same illustration

have a goodnight folks and dream about zombie invasion :)

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