martedì 24 settembre 2013


The first time I saw this show I was laughing my ass off, literally, but now it came back like a backfire in my mind and so I discover I've never watched the third season and that there is also a 4th!
So, me and my bf restarted the entire show from the first episode (he didn't know about Misfits and he appreciated it a lot) and I think third season is the best ever made, and an epic and fair ending to the series, but no, "we will make a 4th season just to ruin the perfect ending we made" (ok,  honestly I've watched only one episode so far, but, I'm sure, they had to stop at season three.)

Btw I thought I'd miss Nathan but, Rudy...oh Rudy is pure genius. He replaced the role of Nathan more than any expectation, and beyond. I love him, he has sooo many faces, and all of 'em are extremely hilarious, and I really love his accent.
My #2 love is Kelly (or maybe she's at the top 'cause she came first) and for the very same reasons.
The fact I love the most is that they aren't completely fictional characters, watching some interviews I noticed that Kelly is exactly as she seems in show. It's very funny!

                    So here are two sketches of them, not quite similar but funny to draw :)

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